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Club History - Carl Wies Awardees-(Club Service Award)
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1985-86 Stephen Percy
1986-87 Robert C. Weller *
1987-88 Barry A. Levinson
1988-89 Mildred Devine
1989-90 David J. Quinn
1990-91 Richard Lombardi
1991-92 Diana Ketner
1992-93 Philip Burns*
1993-94 Walter Makepeace
1994-95 Henry Savin
1995-96 George Fisher
1996-97 Edward Cramer
1997-98 Tracee Reiser
1998-99 Donald B. Mitchell
1999-00 Frank J.Laycock *
2000-01 Roger Hassard
2001-02 Pamela S. Akins
2002-03 Richard Gipstein
2003-04 Michael Stryker
2004-05 Thomas Wetmore III *
2005-06 Brian Cole
2006-07 Philip A. Turner *
2007-08 Pierce Connair
2008-09 Ann Connolly
2009-10 Catherine Foley
2010-11 Michel Belt
2011-12 William Schmidt
2012-13 Geraldine Tom
2013-14 Andy Russell
2014-15 Mark Spinnato
2015-16 Anna Lathrop
2016-17 PDG Pamela Akins
 2017-18  Alex Marku




     A committee of five (5) Carl Wies recipients, selected in order of Carl Wies recipient seniority, will act as a nominating committee. The committee selected will exist for a period of one year. At the end of the term, and for the purpose of continuity, one (1) member, in order of Carl Wies recipient seniority, will go on. This committee will bring in a slate of potential Carl Wies Award candidates and from that slate of potential Carl Wies Award candidates will be selected and voted on, by all the previous Carl Wies Award recipients as a scheduled meeting. A candidate must be elected by a majority vote


     The Carl Wies Award recipients, in their judgement, have the option to defer selection in any particular year.


     There shall be only one (1) award made in any one year period. However, two (2) or more Rotarians, working together, may be named as joint recipients of the award.


     The award should, traditionally, be presented at the Annual Meeting of the New London Rotary Club, but may be presented at any time on recommendation of a majority of the previous recipients.


Carl Wies Personal History


Carl Wies was born in August 1906 in New Jersey. He was a sensitive youth and a good student. He served as an acolyte in his local St. Paul Episcopal Church.  He graduated for MIT in 1927 with a degree and major in Electrical Engineering after only 3 years of study. Having an abiding interest in public service and the clergy, he apparently did not feel fulfillment as an engineer and enrolled in Yale Medical School graduating in 1934. In 1935 he moved to New London, commence a 51 year practice as a family physician, and married Alma Clark. He and Alma purchased and renovated the old Pequot Colony Casino located on the river, off Pequot near Montauk Ave, now owned by Rotarian Linda Mariani, and raised their 5 daughters. He also joined the New London Rotary Club and was active from the very beginning. He served as Club President during 1940/41.


During WWII Carl served as a LTCOL in the Army on the Intelligence Staff of General Omar Bradley. He was actively involved in the planning of the Normandy invasion on D-Day and the Army’s subsequent advance through France and into Germany. After the war he attended several Army staff reunions during the remainder of Gen. Bradley’s lifetime.


Dr. Wies was a particularly beloved family physician and was known to make house calls to his patients at all hours of the day and night, often checking out the kitchen cabinets for food, cooking and preparing meals for some of the elderly shut ins and even running dirty clothes through the washing machine.


For many years he was the volunteer surgeon for the New London Fire Department and was present at most fires and all major multi-alarm emergencies. His car was equipped with flashing lights and a two-way radio. He carried boots, a raincoat and emergency medical supplies in the trunk of his auto and was always ready. He was honored by the NL firefighters and was affectionately known as the “Night Angel”.


Dr Wies had many interests. He was a lay leader in the St. James Episcopal Church. He organized a charitable enterprise called “Spare parts” as a Rotary Club project in which shoes and gloves were donated for amputees.  He also founded the “Tale of the Whale” Museum on Whale Oil Row on the second floor of the building in which he maintained his medical office. He also was a founding member of the Mitchell College Board of Trustees.


In June 1979 the RC of NL presented Carl Wies with a Paul Harris Fellowship (the second one to be presented to a NL Rotarian) and he was honored by the club for 44 years of perfect attendance. He continued to maintain a record of perfect attendance for a total of more than 50 years.