Listed below are the members of New London CT Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification Business/Organization Name
Pam Akins, PDG    Design Advertising    Akins Marketing & Design, L.L.C.
Lorraine Allen      
Caleb Bailey      
Bruce Baratz       Baratz Realty
Liz Binger    Job Training    LEARN
Chad Bromley      
Reid Burdick    Emergency Management-Director (Retired)    Byles Memorial Home
John Bysko    Financial Planning    John Bysko, CFP,CPA
Florence Clarke    Clergy   
Lawrence Cohen      
Brian Cole    Printing-Commercial    Quality Printers
Lee Cole-Chu       Cole-Chu, Cipparone & Zaccaro, PC
Pete Connair    Sr. Active    Anchor Associates
Ed Cramer    Sr. Active    Gordon's Yellow Front Wines and Liquors
Peg Curtin    State Govt. Retired    Curtin Transportation Grouop
Millie Devine    Financial Services-Planned Giving   
Meredith Diette, Esq       Berchem Moses PC
Mike DiMauro       The Day
John Estelle    Bank-Commerical Lending    Dime Bank
Jerry Fischer    Association-Philanthropic    Jewish Federation
Nick Fischer    School Superintendent - Retired   
George Fisher    Florist-Retail    Fisher Florist
Bettye Fletcher    Education-Consultant    Fletcher Asset Management, Inc.
Catherine Foley    Meeting Planer    Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Connecticut
Mel Foti    Real estate Developer    Caritas Capital Partners, LLC
Eric Garofano    Lawyer - Civil Litigation    Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C.
Rick Gipstein    Architect   
Todd Gipstein    Photographer/Multi-Media Producer    Gipstein Multi-Media
Dave Goebel    Development-Director   
Marc Goldsmith      
Josh Gray    College Professor    USCGA
Chap Hanley       Atlantic Broadband
Tom Hogsten    Clergy   
Paul Holden      
Jennifer Johnson      
Alvin Kinsall       Randall Realtors
Raymond Krisciunas      
Julia Kushigian Secor    Education-Hispanic Studies    Connecticut College
Anna Lathrop    Catering    Gourmet Galley Catering
Leon Lehrer    Marketing Promotions    AIA/Marketing Promotions, LLC
Mary Lenzini    Visiting Nurse    VNA of Southeastern CT.
Alan Lyon    Accountant-Small Business    Ed Lorah & Associates LLC
Bruce MacDonald      
Linda Mariani, JD    Attorney    Mariani & Reck, LLC
Alex Marku       A Beautiful Co.
Petrit Marku    Remodeling    A Beautiful Company
Daphne Martin      
Jim McGuire    Sr. Active    Halloran & Sage LLP
Pam McNulty-Hennessey    Real Estate-Residential    Heritage Properties, SPC
Victoria Mueller, Esq       Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C.
Jennifer Mullen    Attorney, civil littigation    Halloran & Sage, LLP
Chris Neilan    Funeral Director    Thomas L. Neilan & Sons
Barry Neistat       Muddy Waters
Geraldine "Kitty" O' Shannon, PDG    Cleaning-Retail    Barry's Cleaners
Mark Patnode    Graphic Design    Sonalysts, Inc.
Chuck Primus    Automotive-Ford Lincoln Mazda    Whaling City Ford Lincoln Mazda
Chuck Ramey    Sr. Active   
Tracee Reiser    Private Education-Volunteers   
Sarah Rogovin    Moving    Rogovin Moving & Storage
Andy Russell    Radio-General Manager    WNLC-WKNL-WICH-WCTY-WILI AM\FM
Ivan Sadler    Education-Human Resources    Mallove Jewlers
Henry Savin    Sr. Active    Mystic Seaport
Kate Schargus    Property Management    ReMax on the Bay
Bill Schmidt      
Jeanne Sigel    Marketing & Development    Garde Arts Center
Isabelle Singer    Association-Symphony Director   
Mark Spinnato       Insurance
Mike Stryker       UBS Financial Services
Keith Turner       Homestead Funding
Kris Ufomaduh      
Val West      
Rod White    Sr. Active   
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