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Overview - Club Service
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 Club Service - The First Avenue of Service






 Section 1

Club Service Committees:

Identify, coordinate, and carry out activities which will guide and assist the members of the club in discharging their responsi-bilities in matters relating to club service, subject to the provisions of Article VII.


a.  Attendance Committee monitors the attendance of each member and contacts members who have missed too many meetings consecutively or have not made up meetings at other Rotary clubs to maintain a sufficient attendance average for membership.  The Attendance Committee also looks for ways to recognize members who have maintained perfect attendance, through special recognition and awards.

b.  Auditing committee annually compiles the financial records of the club and reports them to the Board of Directors.

c.  Club Bulletin Committee compiles the information which appears in “The Anchor," the club’s weekly bulletin, and ensures that the bulletin is published and delivered to the club members.      

d.  Fellowship Committee identifies ways to increase the fellowship within the club.  

e.  Membership Committee is a confidential committee that reviews and evaluates the community involvement and ethical standing of proposed new members to assure that each proposed individual meets the standards of Rotary.

f.  Membership Development Committee promotes the recruitment of new members and works to ensure their retention and development as club members.

g. Music Committee provides a music leader for the singing at each weekly meeting and is responsible for ensuring that there is a pianist for each week’s program.g.Music Committee provides a music leader for the singing at each weekly meeting and is responsible for ensuring that there is a pianist for each week’s program.
h.  Program Committee identifies speakers and schedules the programs for weekly Rotary meetings, coordinating with the president and various committees that provide awards and recognition at Rotary meetings.
i.  Classifications Committee identifies classifications which are open to new members, monitors classifications held by current members to move senior club members into senior status to open up classifications to new members, and establishes classification designations of proposed members.
 j.  Rotary Information Committee presents Rotary membership requirements, ideals, and standards to proposed new members and invites them into the club.
k.  Public Relations Committee insures local coverage of newsworthy Rotary events, sends appropriate information to Rotarian Magazine, helps distribute public information about fundraisers, fund offerings, etc., and supports any other Rotary activities dependent upon public information.
l.   Fund-raising Committee conducts activities to raise funds to be administered by the New London Rotary Foundation in carrying out charitable activities.
The Membership Committee has had an exciting year! In addition to inducting a several individuals into the club, we've inducted corporate members too, which makes for a welcome addition to our group.  We held a Membership Orientation in January, with another scheduled for July of this year, which included information about club committees, projects, and values.  We are looking forward to a productive and fun year ahead!
The Music Committee selected a music leader for each week who, in turn, selected a fun song to sing from the Rotary repertoire down to Broadway tunes.  A great time was had by all as a total of three piano players took turns weekly accompanying our singing.