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International Projects
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New London Rotary

International Service Projects

 Water & Sanitary Grant Pune, India

Group Study Exchange South America Matching Grant
Youth Exchange Haitian Health Foundation
Afghan Solar Oven South African Bone Marrow Transplant
Ambassadorial Scholar Surgery in the U.S. for a Senegalese Woman
International Conventions Sponsorship of a Child in El Salvador
Matching Grant Project in Peru International Cadet Welcome Party for OPSAIL 2000 CT
Hosting a Delegation of 12 Russian Accountants Polio Plus Supporting the effort to end Polio NOW.
Water Project in India Vocational Training in India
Ellis Luciano Rotary Peace Scholar

 District 7980 grant ($4860.55)

Water and Sanitary Facilities in Pune, India.  

This successful grant purchased 20 water filters and15 individual toilets for those in slums and poor villages skirting the city of Pune. Working with Shelter Associates, clients were selected to be instructed in the use of filters and toilets to combat disease through the use of clean water and enclosed sanitation facilities to which they contribute on a shared cost basis (30%) for their construction and maintenance.  The toilets will benefit an average of 75 people and serve to combat the grave global identified by the United Nations as “open ddefecation”.  The water filters enable slum dwellers and villagers to turn impure tap or ground water into reliable, pure drinking water free of disease-carrying microbes, chemicals and other impurities.  It allows women to store pure water in large buckets for drinking and cooking, improving the quality of their lives by reducing physically exhausting and potentially dangerous trips toseek well water up to four times a day.


Sawyer Water Filters

donated by the New London Rotary Club to the NGO Shelter Associates in use in a community area of Miraj, India.


Click on Photo for Bulletin about this project.

New London Rotary Club International Programs 2013-20141. Contributed to assessment of Global Grant 26337 with Rotary Club of Bombay Midtown “Providing Vocational Training Facility for Tribal Youth of Thane District”.  This is the Sakwar Village project managed by the Ramakrishna Mission that Julia visited, January 2013, to witness the work of the technical classes (mechanics, driving, nursing, tailoring, sustainable gardening).  The final portion of the grant was dedicated to a computer lab to raise the technological skill level of all student participants.  Report to RI completed this year by RC of Bombay Midtown. 



Ellis Gil Garcia Luciano

is from the Philippines, and belongs to the Augustinians of the Assumption (Assumptionist). Prior to joining the Assumptionists, he was the Program Director of the Institute of Reconciliation - a non-government organization based in his country that focuses on peace advocacy and issues on non-violence and reconciliation. In 2008, he was accepted as one of the peace fellows of the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand; in that same year, he was also chosen to represent the Philippines in Dili International Youth Conference in East Timor. Ellis holds master degrees in both education, and peace and reconciliation studies. He is currently taking a masters degree in Pastoral Ministry major in Social Justice Advocacy. He is also one of the organizers of GenPeace - a network of young peace advocates all over the Philippines.

                                            Ellis was here in New London, Connecticut and the New London Club acted as his host.

New London Rotary Club







The total contributions by the RC of NL to the 5 MGs was

$ 14,500

The total cost of the projects was $ 72,414

1.  MG 19513:

Purchase of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics lab equipment for the Colegio Dio Amor (CDA) Vocational HS in a neighborhood called Las Cruces which is poor and lacks good schools and good facilities for its youth living in extreme poverty in a crime-ridden area of Bogota.


 Approved 10/01 and completed 5/02

Cost total $11,000 ...  RC of NL share $2,500


2. MG 51578

Construction of a residual water sewage plant to include the use of wastewater for farm field irrigation and for growing food/feed for animals at a CDA home/farm for girls aged 3- 14.  The project permitted relocating and expanding housing accommodations  from 30 to 70 girls  …  victims of sexual and physical abuse living in extreme poverty.


Approved 2/04 completed 9/04

Cost total $16,414. RC of NL share $3000. District share   $2332


3. MG 56398

To purchase of specific equipment to provide Medical Service at the FISULAB Rehab Center for children born with clef lip and palate. The equipment provides for diagnosis of hearing disorders to determine treatment, assessment, follow-up evaluations and to perform surgeries when needed.    FISULAB is not for profit foundation providing care to poor children and low-income patients in Bogota. As of this time more than 100 patients are benefiting from its services.


 Approved 5/05 completed 9/05

Total cost $14,300. RC of NL share $3000.  District share $2,400


4. MG 58491

During 2006 contacts made during a Group Study Exchange trip to Chile, Tracee Reiser organized another Humanitarian Matching Grant project partnering with the Punta Arena RC in Chile. This project provided financial resources for an Aquaculture Technical Training project and has been completed.


Approved and completed in 2006

Total cost $12,000. . RC of NL $2,000.District share $ 1,500


5. MG 61484

To provide the necessary tools and equipment to create a carpentry workshop where youngsters from Ciudad Bolivar, a deprived area in South East Bogotá, will be trained.  The students come from families displaced from their original areas by the country's internal conflict, who are now living in extreme poverty. Helping them acquire carpentry skills will be a means to keep them from joining street gangs, drug dealing groups, insurgency, prostitution or other criminal activities.


All the equipment and tools have been purchased and installed, The first class began last week. This program will train 90 students during the remainder of 2007 and 180 annually from the second year on.  After 300 hours of training the students will be able to work as technical carpenters and could do cabinetwork.

The Carpentry Workshop is part of the San JuanBoscoObrero Center owned and ruled by the Salesian Brothers Community. The Center also offers training programs for young men and women in Electricity, Electronics, Graphic Arts, Mechanics, Automotive Mechanics, Technical Drawing and Design, Computers and Network Maintenance, and Clothes Manufacturing.


Approved  11/06 completed 6/07

Total cost $19,000.  RC of NL share $4,000. District share $4,000

Group Study Exchange

By exchanging teams of Non-Rotarians with a foreign country to learn about vocatioinal work and service in that foreign County. Lead by a Rotarian, we send and receive teams from abroad.

We have been involved with GSE for many years and have had 3 team leaders (Rotarians) from our club. They have led teams to England, Chili and the Mid-Americas.

The new format will be vocational training teams that will stay in one area and focus on specific areas.

Youth Exchange

One Year Living Abroad

Youth can spend one year living with Rotary families between their junior and senior year or after high school graduation before they enter college. The sending club sponsors and incoming student from the same district. Corrine Wargo of New London spent a year in Turkey after graduation from high school.

She is now in college and has changed her major as she has become an outstanding student in Arabic language.

Eye Surgery for Senegalese Woman

In February 1997, a senior from Connecticut College, Mohamed Diagne, contacted New London Rotarian Tracee Reiser to seek assistance in obtaining urgently needed cataract surgery for his mother, who lives in Dakar, Senegal. Her ophthalmologist in Dakar had recommended that the operation be performed in the United States since Senegal does not have the sophisticated facilities needed for such delicate eye surgery. Working in cooperation with Connecticut College, New London Rotarian Rick Gipstein arranged for the operation to be performed on a donated basis by the Lawrence Memorial Hospital and eye surgeon, Dr. Robert Klimek. In addition, Air Afrique, the major airline from Senegal, provided airline fare to and from Dakar at half-price. Club member Chris Neilan donated a limo and driver to provide ground transportation to and from the airport. In addition, while Mrs. Diagne was here, she had extensive dental surgery also provided free of charge by Dr. Elliot Kimmel. The cataract surgery was successful and allowed her to see her son, Mohamed, graduate.

Matching Grant Project, Barranco, Peru


During 1999-2000, one of President Rick Gipstein’s primary goals was to involve our club in its first ever international matching grant for a humanitarian project. Club member, Alejandro Melendez-Cooper. Our Club Foundation agreed to set aside up to $3000 for the project. After perusing project listings on the RI web site, Alejandro identified an excellent project posted by the Barranco, Peru Club (District 4450), located in a suburb of Lima. In an amazing coincidence, Alejandro grew up in Barranco!! The project involved support for a vocational training center that teaches the handicapped to make brooms and other saleable items and also assists them with learning other life skills. The center has long been supported by the Barranco Club, but was in need of capital improvements as well as new shop equipment. More than $6000 has thus been raised to support the work of the Peruvian Rotarians.

Russian Vocational Visit

In January of 1999, the Center for Citizens Initiatives contacted President Mike Stryker about the possibility of the New London Club hosting a vocational delegation from Russia. After several discussions with Dr. Manuel Kadish of the Norwich Rotary Club, whom CCI had also contacted, the program was brought before both clubs for consideration. The clubs heard details from Mike, and voted to approve the program. The delegation of 12 accountants arrived from Russia in September of 1999 for three weeks. During their visit, the group was invited to attend a special weekly meeting in their honor. During the program, they were greeted by the club, gave brief remarks about their visit, were treated to a rousing rendition of the Russian national anthem, and were presented with beautiful floral arrangements, courtesy of club member and florist, George Fisher. At its conclusion, this program was deemed a great success and a great example of Rotary’s goal of enhancing international fellowship.


In anticipation of New London’s hosting of the major OPSAIL 2000 celebration during July 2000, New London Club President Rick Gipstein began working with the OPSAIL organizers in the fall of 1999 to determine how Rotary could participate and assist in the event. Eventually, Rotary was asked to host a major welcoming party for the cadets of the international tall ships. As plans progressed, 11 other Southeastern Connecticut Clubs were invited to participate in the planning and execution of the celebration. On July 12, 2000, the 12-club effort finally came to fruition and was a great success. Cadets from seven foreign vessels, primarily from South America, were welcomed warmly to our area on their first night in port. Well over 500 cadets attended the party on the Connecticut College campus, along with another 200 or so volunteers and guests. Everyone was treated to good food, great entertainment and a lot of fellowship. A local rock band, The Band of Humans, and a sea chantey group provided entertainment. The highlight of the evening occurred when several cadets from the Guyuas from Ecuador asked to borrow the band’s equipment and proceeded to put on a great impromptu rock and roll performance. The party was great example of Rotary collaboration in a gesture of international fellowship.

“Save the Children” Sponsorship


We have continued our club’s sponsorship of a child from El Salvador through the “Save the Children” organization, a commitment that has been ongoing for several years. Funds made available by such sponsorships assist Save the Children in developing local health care, economic development and educational programs in the sponsored child’s community. Club Member Alice Fitzpatrick has done considerable research on this charity to ensure that the club’s funds are being well spent, including having staff from the organization speak at one of our weekly meetings on the mission and activities of the Save the Children organization. We receive regular communications from Roberto Carlos, the child we sponsor in El Espino, El Salvador, with photographs and translations of his letters, as well as progress reports from Save the Children’s field office in El Salvador.





Haitian Health Foundation Support


The New London Rotary Club has long been a supporter of projects of the Haitian Health Foundation, founded by Rotarian Dr. Jerry Lowney. The New London Club has participated every year in raising funds for the Haitian Health Clinic. We have supported Dr. Jerry Lowney’s Haitian pig, chicken, and latrine projects. Our medical equipment project has also served this Clinic. In 1998 we donated $300 for the purchase of a Kay Kon Ton house and $300 to Save-The-Family to assist Haitian families in providing schooling, clothing and food for families.


In 1999, we donated $300 to the Save the Family program and $1000 to the Haitian Health Foundation. We also responded to an appeal from Dr. Jerry Lowney on behalf of Michel St. Jean, a Haitian boy who had been badly burned and was being brought to the U.S. for treatment. We raised funds from club members, and matched them with club funds, donating $600 to this worthy cause.


In 2000, in addition to other support for the HHF, we also donated $800 to the “Dick’s Kids” goat ownership program, which allowed the Foundation to purchase goats for several Haitian families. This program was one of District Governor Dick Benson’s high priority international projects for 1999-2000




We continue to raise funds and contribute to the world wide effort to end polio.


Sawyer Water Filters donated by the New London Rotary Club to the NGO Shelter Associates in use in a community area of Miraj, India.  


Sawyer Water Filters donated by the New London Rotary Club to the NGO Shelter Associates in use in a community area of Miraj, India.